Welcome to my Blog! I am Che Continua! I…

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Oro!

I am not really sure the reason for starting this blog, perhaps is just a hidden desire to fulfill past inspirations I’ve encountered. My mind is always full of crazy ideas and opinions about art and fashion, and randomly about other stuff too. I guess I just figured It would help me to have a place where I can let it all out. I don’t know what to tell you you should expect from me. I will try to make my personality come through on all my posts…
I gues all I can really say is…Get ready for Some HAWT ART, and some good CONTROVERSY FO SHO!!!!!
-Oro Continua

One thought on “Welcome to my Blog! I am Che Continua! I…

  1. Love the poem. You are so deep with your thoughts. I miss you and think it is time you come home for some hugs and lots of laughs! Can't wait! You are sooooooo talented and the most incredible creative person I know. So glad you are in my life……agb

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