This week I have been dying to be able to buy Lady Gaga’s new Album “The Fame Monster”. She is so talented!…(Well I guess The haus of Gaga is where the talent is truly born), I mean… Would she be as famous if she didn’t have The haus? I don’t think so, but don’t get it twisted! I am a big fan, not a hater. It is just that a lot of her fame has been somewhat “stolen” from so many people around her. They deserve more credit than just being “the haus of gaga”. I want to know about them! not just her!. I guess I’m just dreaming that one day they will get more credit. I GIVE MAJOR THUMBS UP TO ALL THE GENIUS INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE BEEN A PART OF MAKING HER WHO SHE IS NOW!!!
By the way… Her new video!….Totally OOC!
First of all…I love the fact that she…they…whoever created this masterpiece… is/are not afraid to present something SO DISTURBING, yet, SO ORIGINAL AND AMUSING!
If you have watched it once,you can’t help but want to watch it a second time. One must watch it many times to look at all the DETAILS! DETAILS! DETAILS!. Of course the clothes were TO DIE FOR!!! but also the choreography, the makeup, the backgrounds and “places” that were created… Definitely ONE OF A KIND!
Ok friends… Hope you all enjoy some gaga on a friday night! HOW CAN IT BET BETTER THAN A DANCING TIME TO BAD ROMANCE???
-Oro Continua

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