What’s Right?


This is so Unbelievable and Out of Control!!!This video, brings up my fear for doing what I do. I don’t understand why I am attracted to what society considers disturbing. It’s almost like I’ve lost the ability to get inspiration from things that… Things that I just don’t care about anymore…. Like love…Is it really disturbing? … Why?

I hate to love this, yet at the same time, I love to love it. I can understand and connect with what McQueen is all about; or at least, I think I do… I can feel the passion he has for creating art from fashion. “Effortless”, Straight to the point and without fear of making mistakes. I die!!!

” I fear of doing what’s wrong because I don’t know what would happen if I stop doing what’s right?”

It’s almost like I can’t imagine how the world would perceive me, or how they would understand me, if I can’t even understand myself.

-Oro Continua



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