Its hard to love those who are hard on you…

I hate that what I am about to say is so cliche, but I truly cannot find “good enough words” to describe her life….
I’m feeling pain in my chest, as I think about her and breath deeply.
This weak poem is my attempt to describe how much I love her. Even though I’ve been
by her side for as long as I can remember, I am unable to describe her life…

Her young life has gone by,
It is time to look back.
Unforgettable memories,
Not much left on the track.
She has seen the unseen,
Yet… not once did she scream.
God has been by her side,
Through the love and the pain.

Never stopped working hard,
Life to her seems unfair.
We must now share her love,
Let it be time to repair.
My dear lady in red,
Understand my crazy head.
With your never ending tears
I will love you until the end.

So I sketched…
In your honor I will do whatever it takes to make this sketch come true… Somehow I will…
-Oro Continua

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