Forgive me

It’s like a fake poem to someone you don’t love. Like a fight between your parents and you having to pick a side. Like hating to love someone you have to love. Like thinking you know your place when truly you just pick a place that won’t be a problem to those you love. It’s like following the rest of society with their beliefs, because that is what everybody does, and you are scared of what could happen if you stepped out of what is right. It’s like not knowing how you truly feel about things. Its like people having a different perception of you because you can’t be yourself. But at the same time It’s like being scared to be yourself… It’s like finding yourself in a wrecked up celebrity. It’s like a couple of secret tears under a hoodie on your way back from study hall. It’s like a fashion book that means more than just clothes. It’s like loving what you know (or at least you think) its wrong….

It’s like a watercolor of a girl who represents the beautiful side of the ugly…
-Oro Continua

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