It’s like ink in my heart…

Maybe it is the deep and strong love one has to something,
Or perhaps it is the search for perfection.
How about knowing you have done something wrong?
Or the desire to act in a nonconventional kind of way.
Possibly what you feel is hate to that which you love.
Perchance by loving this one thing, you affect your entire life.
Might be the product of feeling tormented.
Or the result of innocence that was abused.
It may be the glitter and the ruffles.
Or the combination of lipstick gear.
It could be the need of extreme expression.
Or by chance too much pop in one man.
What if this is really something important?
Feasibly I am just being protected by the Boss.
Is one supposed to go with the trusted or the new?
It is now time for impersonating.
After all they will never get the full effect.
Just keep your eyes above their eyebrows.
For it is time to represent that original who.
As long as you keep loving and caring,
There is nothing wrong with a smile and a good attitude.
So I sketched…

-Oro Continua


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