You know that feeling when you know you look good? That’s obsessive…

So I sketched…

Hawt! she says
Bam! She rules!
Listen to the queen. She rules.
Haute Couture.
She truly has got a cold heart.

Every time I hear her sound,
Her music ends up putting me down.

Cause It’s all fake!

Eyelash freak!
Let me give you a tip!
A little less costume,
Just let your music beat.
Your fancy dress,
only brings bad press.
Her talent is fantastic,
But She’s a total mess.

Avant Garde!
Steals your heart.
Material Obsession!
Let me beg you pardon?
I’m thinking of, every way
that I can make you love me
and embrace my taste.

Ha! Ha! Ha! …. It’s all fake…
But you love me…

-Oro Continua

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