We are banded with the fire


While I was writing an email to a friend where I try to explain myself, I realized I could not understand myself…. Or maybe I could not put in words what I was trying to convey…
I now find it pointless to have written this email, because I could only share a certain amount of information with my friend. I ask myself what I was expecting from writing this email about things I don’t want this person to know about me…. Perhaps its the need to have someone to talk to about this… even though I am not sure if I could ever be comfortable around anyone to be able to express myself.
Later on that night I listened to Angus and Julia Stone’s single “The Beast” for the first time…
This song came to me as some kind of vision/epiphany… I barely slept, because I was thinking about life… so I wrote down a few points that came to my mind…

I don’t think much in this world is good anymore.
We keep biting our nails as we pack up on darkness…
Do we really believe in what we claim to the be the truth?
Or have we just played a good telephone game through the years?
It’s the perception we have of ourselves in relation to others that makes the difference.
We don’t pay attention to our selfish-self, and forget about the big picture.
I think there are few people who would give it all.
It all seems to come back to the obsession of love and hate.
I guess its all the fake and the lies that have killed the world.
-Oro Continua

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