Visions of the unknown…

What is the reason behind the story of a sparkle hidden from the sun?
The undercover shimmer created their laughter in his my mind. It decided their destiny.
Contrasting stories and guilt being the main focus on this story.
I guess the loud beating only made him want to run away from all the mess.
Why must one person embrace the shadow, when metallic is what’s underneath?
Not knowing their stories, yet unconsciously taking away the bad.
It’s that battle between the pink screen and the endless blue of the sky.
open up little one! open up! You must be proud of who you are.
Dreaming of forgetting the untouched rules from the humming of the system.
Use those golden eyes and look for the lavender dreams.
Eventually the sparkle is confused, or perhaps just traumatized from past experiences.
There’s not chances to take shortcuts, neither moments to jump off free.
Be quiet little one! there are things that should never be said…

-Oro Continua

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