It all sounds like jargon….

I have looked at some of the most beautiful sunsets lately…. So I’ve had time to once again feel so different…. so I closed my eyes and leave to my city…. I imagined a gorgeous multicolor dress… It was made of stained glass pieces… The fabric created water-like rosettes and looked like liquid….so I sketched a pattern and did my best to do justice to the ideas in my mind…

Style and assistance,
Confession is space,
Assignments processing,
They talk about grace.

Completing the research,
Announcing the dust,
Imagining cognates,
They call it the truth.

Still walking with glasses
It sure makes me stand
There aren’t many passes
Yet the song they bend.

I get Universal,
exposing myself,
You put it together,
Then I seem to melt.

-Oro Continua

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