God never gives you more shoes than you can handle…

I have come to realize that when I don’t want to fix things, I am probably not doing what I am supposed to do. It is different to let the art world eat me, than eating a balanced diet of the art world. I must now pay attention to the relationship I have with my passion.
If you look back in time and think of some of the greatest talents we have admired, we often admire obsession, rather than passion. A true artist knows where to begin and where to end. If we keep letting ourselves be driven by obsessive behavior and unconscious art, we are throwing ourselves into what I consider a type of materialism, where we forget about morals, the truth and the meaning of life.I can’t be like the narcotic cop who became best friends with the drug dealer, and eventually became a drug addict. Now… Don’t get me wrong! There is nothing wrong with the cop being friends with the drug dealer. The question the cop needs to ask himself is… What is the outcome of this relationship? Is it productive?… Here I found my answer…


For me, it is time to stand up on the ground and shake off all the fleas that have been sucking the blood from my heart. It is time to put my mind on the right place. Decisions conquer the world, and now it is the time to step out of this mess and change my life. Although I agree with Don Marquis when he says that “an idea isn’t responsible for the people who believe in it”; I believe that he forgot to write the second part to this quote,… we are responsible for the ideas we believe in.

-Oro Continua

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