Thoughts from the fog…

Beautiful sunset yesterday… Simply breath taking….

Be careful with the lights
For they can blind a man.
As the wind can only be felt,
So is the good and the bad.
Effects let us know about presence.
Silence screams fear of the unknown.
We must then be heard!
Share our calling with the world.
Ask Him to give you courage,
Before… more children…
Give their last breath…
Why can’t we see,
that what we have,
It’s only what we choose to see?
Why do we let the Shine,
blind us from righteous keys?
Why are there lobster heels,
Stomping to the death of thee?
I now know what my job is,
To ask for wisdom,
To stop creating their laughter in my mind.
To stop deciding where they are going.
For I can’t see what’s real.
Therefore, it’s time to look above their shoulder,
Then act like you did not.
And as the river gives you motion,
Still hear the clouds, for they sure know.

-Oro Continua

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