Thank you Mcqueen

Once upon a time there was a a man, who nobody really understood. His name was MCQ. Since very young, he could see things the rest of the people around him couldn’t. He struggled trying to fit in. After being unable to relate to majority of people, MCQ found “The Crowd”. The Crowd was a group of people who lived in their own world. They lived on skinny girls, feathers and plastic. MCQ felt he could relate so much better with this new group of people, therefore he signed a contract with them. By signing a contract with The Crowd, MCQ was promised eternal happiness. His dream that one day he would be able to take people to places they had never seen before, became true. MCQ’s unique talent quickly made him stand out, even among the rest of The Crowd.


MCQ worked hard to fulfill his desire to create all the visions in his mind. His work only got better through the years, making him the king of the 21st century. Until one day, The Crowd started eating his brains, and he liked it; only because he knew no different. What he did not know is that by allowing the Crowd to eat him, his mind mind became unable to thinking outside the world of The Crowd. His mind made him think that everything was happiness. Pain was happiness. Clothes were happiness. Evil was happiness. The promise he had been given was almost completely true; but he was now stuck. He had become a puppet for the everyone who ruled The Crowd.
Recently MCQ decided to take his life away. No one in The Crowd understands the reasons behind it, because all of them are victims of each other. MCQ realized that The Crowd could not provide happiness to anybody. All The Crowd cared about was themselves and their beauty. Although MCQ loved beauty. He was sick of the lack of thinking among his people. He realized that not even his own creations made him happy. They were just a drug. Once the good feeling was over, it was worth nothing, and he was back into a reality where he was still the weird kid, the guy no one understood and everyone criticized, and the man who gave himself to people who didn’t truly care about him.
Now the places inside his mind have died with him. All that those who admired him regarding of his lifestyle, only have one last thing to think about… What world would he have wanted us to experience next?… I guess we will never know…. I am sad that we keep allowing people such as Mcqueen, with talent that goes beyond measure to be taken by the monsters of The Crowd.
Thank you Mcqueen, for being innovative and fearless. Thank you for sharing your irreplaceable skills with us. I am sorry we killed you. I hope we will learn our lesson.
Rest in Peace Mcqueen…Rest in Peace…

So I sketched… I honor of Mcqueen.
-Oro Continua

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