"Once you kill a cow, you’ve got to make a burger" -Gaga

Although Lady Gaga’s telephone video leaked online two hours before it came out, her true fans waited until the last second and watched the nation wide premiere on television. It is impossible to disagree with Lady Gaga when she described the premiere for this video as a “true pop event”. E news came on and we do not remember anything Ryan Seacrest said besides “Here is the premiere for Lady Gaga’s risque Telephone video”.

The first time we watched the video,we were unable to put it all together, mostly because we were in love with the fashion and lost focus ( The Chanel sunglasses!, the Castelbajac outfits!, The Victor and Rolf jumpsuit!, and the unique style of the Haus of Gaga! ). Knowing that Gaga’s intricate videos take more than one view to understand, we watched it over and over again until we were able to break down the themes and get the complete taste of her pop art masterpiece.


The key to understanding Telephone is understanding the Paparazzi video and the statements it brings up. In Paparazzi we hear the knife sounds when the cameras shoot pictures of the dead pop star, making a statement on the disaster that goes on behind the pictures and the beauty of fame which is something that we see everyday, yet are somehow blinded to how much it truly affects our society. Or culture is in love with the idea of fame, and looking at people’s personal lives. The problem with the art of fame is that we only see the good part. We treat the bad side as if it did not exist. Telephone on the other hand, complements this concept beautifully by presenting the idea of how technology, the media, and brand names control everything we do. It is interesting to see how in the kitchen scene when she is making the poison recipe, she has all American brands of bread, and even miracle whip, making a commentary about how poisoned we are by everything we consume, and how we have built our culture from all these brand names that we now consider all American hallmarks.

Watching this video is the perfect picture of how much Gaga has grown as an artist and a creative Genius in such a small amount of time. It is important to remember that a couple of years ago, Lady Gaga did not have as much support from the music industry. Although she was still doing what she loved and making the best out of the ordinary life of a young Italian girl, she was always making a statement, and believed in her visions so much that she made the choice to dedicate every second of her life to make them come true. Stefani Germanotta realized the only way to make her vision a reality to everyone, was to become her vision. Her endless creativity had become like a bomb, and when the time came, it exploded. It is sad though, to see that our society does not yet appreciate people as innovative and magnetic as Gaga. People with such gifts could be of much help to better our world, but instead, we let them get support by the wrong group of people; then, what could be of help becomes immoral.

-Oro Continua

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