“Once you step into this arena, there is no way back. It’s like a particle, you can’t stop” -Alexander McQueen

Feeling comfortable is great,
I have to admit though,
I’m not always comfortable.
It is a choice though…
We choose to get ahead.
As I wrestle with my thoughts,
The music in the background bothers me.
I breathe and tolerate.
The warmth helps me focus.
Thankful for keeping record of past memories.
I let it happen,
the doodles finally make sense.
A better attitude comes along.
A lie on it’s way to the truth.
I bathe in imaginary tall individuals.
For the first time it was not for myself,
This time I truly wanted to help.
I jump back into reality,
But this time…
I make the choice to feel free.
A tablespoon of red sun…
So I sketched…

-Oro Continua

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