There is something about icons that makes me love them regardless of wether I can relate to their their lifestyle or not. I have always been influenced and fascinated by iconic personalities, but have never been able to decide wether it is a good thing or not. I am not talking about how you used to love nsync when you were in elementary school. I am talking about something bigger than that. I am more interested in people like Grace Jones, Cher, Elton John, Judy Garland, Boy Geroge, Marilyn Monroe, etc, You know what I mean though?…

By allowing myself to be aware of how much iconic people influence my life I can pay attention to that feeling I get when I look at that photograph of Audrey Hepburn and the little black dress, or the picture of Sharbat Gula the green-eyed Afghan girl. I guess I don’t usually think of how beauty plays a HUGE part in my life ( I also wonder if I just don’t like to admit it). I don’t usually pay attention to people like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, but somehow I pay attention to situations like Yoko Ono and Elton John. I realize that by letting beauty influence me my mind will only get more and more consumed by it. It is a love/hate relationship though, because in the back of our minds we all know that we want to be beautiful (whether we want to admit it or not), and perhaps not just beautiful, but we want to have a presence about us. It is almost like if Mother Teresa wore sequins and fancy hats, I would want to care more… But I know that is wrong! I want to make it a priority in my life to TRULY CARE about everything that goes on all over the world. I just want to stop being selfish and focus on other things besides MY feelings and MY life. I simply want to learn to TRULY CARE about others…
-Oro Continua

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