My phone does not ring anymore…

Born into plans that impress me,
has taught me to not only look far.
For the knowledge of the good and evil
allows me to beware of “right now”.
We can’t stop the demons on the earth
from offering the fake-kind of help.
Because even though I will sometimes wonder
if my life is controlled by a lie,
my hearing allows me to listen,
to this voice in the back of my mind.
It tells me: “don’t buy into the untruth”,
which is easier to hear than to do.
But when I am completely frustrated,
It keeps me from ending the book.
Thus I still let words enter my hearing,
my hearing I now have controlled.
Now when my heart feels these emotions,
I can filter it all in my mind.
So when a concept becomes concerning,
I can bring in my compulsive designs.
So I sketched…

-Oro Continua


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