"I care about style and comfort. Style can be comfort and vice versa." the important thing above everything is that you should CARE.

Putting this post together has been harder than I thought it would be. It all started one day when I felt overwhelmed at school. I knew I needed to get away to my own world for a second, so I found a place where I could be by myself. I wrestled with my thoughts and started to think of things that caused pain (here is where the hammer shoes idea came from).
Then I wrote this:
“When you live your life with your ideas enclosed in a small box, be prepared to surprise yourself on the things you are capable of doing if you didn’t have those boundaries. Therefore always expect the unexpected from yourself. “
Then I had this vision of models walking down the runway to “On Melancholy Hill” by the Gorillaz, and as they walked, they were brushing their teeth with sparkly toothpaste dripping from their chins.
Since I cannot make this vision come true, here is the song, and here are the sketches, so close your eyes and imagine these girls walking down shiny white floors. Enjoy!
So I sketched… (p.s. you can always click on the pictures to make them larger)

-Oro Continua

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