My little dream working the machine

Let me sink in the lake of insecurity,
Bring on the town that nobody claims,
For no one knows what lack of comfort really is.
And throw at me their false strength,
Because in the future my loneliness will bring me joy.
And I agree that I don’t have all the answers,
But no one in this world does.
It is my chance to explore the world the way I want,
Should I waste my years following a path that has already been walked on?
Or should I make my own path?
Everyone embraces their own results.
I am willing to work with mine.
Life is about decisions,
It is time that I make mine…

-Oro Continua

One thought on “My little dream working the machine

  1. I might have to take this as my own as well. Keep it up Mario- your story and life-canvas is already colorful and magnificent and not close to being abandoned (Morty's definition) yet. I am privileged to have been part of it and look forward to future color splashes resulting from our interactions.

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