685 Passion 80202

I admire the shimmering reflection on the sand,
Such shimmer is produced only by some of the grains.
The shine happens only when the grain is in the right place.
Which reinforces my struggle that we ought to know where we stand.
The sand that is wet has less chance to shine,
For it allows the ocean to control it’s way.
Although I am sure some of the grains don’t mind to go with the flow,
The wind blows some sand away and throws it in the water,
And in that sand, there are grains that have experienced shimmer already,
But that now follow the water without a choice.
These grains that feel like the will never shine again,
must know they will now have harder struggle to be able shine.
If we ought ought know where we stand, then we can’t float with the water,
For the only way to get out of the water’s control, is to go back to the ground.
Using hardships as good things, we must let the water take us back.
So when the wind picks us up, no matter where it throws us,
We will know we ought to know where we stand.
-Che Continua

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