Live, Learn and Leave.

I have been at the beach this week, which has allowed me to once again have the time to sit down and develop something out of my inspiration. The view out of our balcony is just beautiful, as you can see from the picture below. The trip has been wonderful and I have had a lot of fun.
Then, I sat down, listened to the waves (and a little bit of gaga too haha)
So I took pictures and then sketched…

The colors on this photo left me speechless. I have yet to find a word to describe the color of the water on the right side…. And from this photograph a new sketch was born…

Then I noticed a really pretty piece of sea weed just laying on the sand. It curved in such a delicate way, and I immediately knew It had to become a dress….

While we were playing in the ocean, Greg found some sea shells. Then we came back to the room and I found myself fascinated by the curvature of all the shells. I grabbed a little blue cloth I use to clean my glasses and tried to create the same shape of the shell…. HEre came sketch #3…

-Che Continua

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