If I was showing in NY Fashion week. Part1.

A mind for design.
Are there questions that we must understand and know about our audience?…
Is a designer the one responsible for gathering and organizing every one’s idea of how a product should be and work?…
If a design is the product of having asked questions, then designers now days must be the voice to what people expect from a product.
I guess that is how we are able to go to a store where we can find a product that we feel fits us best… but do designers have a voice anymore???? I HOPE SO.
What CoCo made was functional for her audience at the time, and it 100% revolutionized clothing. What would she think of Chanel’s latest fur collections?… Is fashion about function anymore?… How far is it ok to go? <—- ???
If our needs keep changing, then, are we supposed to change with them??? or decide which needs are actually needed???
Fashion is a form of sculpture that can be appreciated at it’s best live.
If our society is the kind that is too busy to stop and think about everything that actually matters for the benefit of our lives, then… how much reality are humans aware of?…
How much different would designers and designs be if people were more aware?
How do we let awareness happen without it becoming an obsession?
If fashion isn’t about comfort, and we are supposed to be more aware, then if we were aware of how much the lack of function in our clothing may be affecting different aspects of our lives… then would we be against many current designs?
What do we consider necessary?
So I sketched…

-Oro Continua


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