Queen Queen Caroline….

I am usually inspired by lifestyles. Specially the reflection of someone’s life through their art. When I say art, I don’t just mean, visual art, but also music, and dance, and any other passion one may have. Currently I am inspired by a good friend I met last year. Her name is Caroline Paul; and she is a fantastic painter… well… a fantastic artist in general. I admire the way she adds personality to the characters she creates. It fascinates me. When you look at one of her paintings, you can usually read the subject as if you knew who it was.

Once I read on her website: “Queen, Queen Caroline, dipped her hair in turpentine. Turpentine made it shine. Queen Queen Caroline”…….
And I knew I had to sketch something for this quote. I think it would make a great fashion spread. If there was a blonde model dipping her  frosty hair in some type of dark color oil… Wearing an Armani Prive Gown… or a Christian Lacroix…
Here is my not-so-good attempt to the clothes the fashion spread would provide…
Oh, and please check out Caroline’s blog here:





-Oro Continua


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