3…2…1…. …. …. .. . *

The small containers of glitter are filling up fast. They are multiplying by the second.
But they sit there… Waiting to be used…
Yes. In fact, I feel like I am being denied the chance to create.
Sometimes the rules of society keep many of us away from doing things that
(although it sounds cocky), things that have a chance to be remarkable to our generation.
Or maybe I am just another young voice of frustration,
caused by school and the stressful burden it becomes to all of us.
But my question is…
If there are so many young men and women who are unhappy with their education process,
Then is it just because “young people like to complain”,
Or is it because “school is necessary, even though it is a pain”,
Or is it “because we are not thankful for what we have”,
Or is it because education and school now days has simply lost its effectiveness?
I mean, I am speaking for myself, even though I know of many friends who feel the same.
If I want to be an artist, and I only care about art,
(I know I sound like a 14 year old girl with a bad case of PMS with all my complaining)
But, for real!!! I am never as blunt and literal on any of my posts,
But I am really interested on making sure I come across pretty clear on this subject.
I have heard the excuse that “we should all strive to have an overall education of not just our major subjects(in my case art), but on other subjects as well.
I totally agree with that statement. In fact I am enrolled in a liberal arts school for that same reason. Because I wanted to make sure that when I got out of school I wasn’t an ignorant artist, who only knew how to draw and make stuff, but had no insight on culture, history and such.
But If I have to spend more time on other subjects that are irrelevant to my major, than I spend on subjects related to my main studies, then I am lowering my time to be able to grow in the areas that in the future will matter the most.
What is frustrating it that I can’t fix any of this. But if I were to say that I am going to quit school, and am going to teach myself about art, and the process of creating visual art;
Then, most people would think I am crazy and I am ungrateful for having support to go to the school I attend, or the fact that I am healthy enough to go to a school.
The truth is I am thankful everyday for the endless blessings I have been given.
The problem is not that I am not thankful. The problem is that I don’t know that I am getting the education I need. Or perhaps my human nature is trying to go against God’s plan for my life.
Who knows!….. I don’t have any answers…. Only the desire to create art.
But currently I am spending more time doing other things that on my own art.
Therefore, I feel stuck and unable to make any progress as an artist.
And so what if I am complaining.
I believe part of understanding more about life is to be able to vent about our frustrations.

-Oro Continua


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