Don’t let the wish move in a circle…

Recently I ran into a sign I consider disturbing.
To me, it is living proof for what is wrong with our world.

The pink chalk is not very clear…
it says:
“Chris loves Rainbows and Ponies”

Alright… Lets break it down…
Hopefully you realize that this sign is not applauding the fact that Chris likes rainbows and ponies…
In fact, it is purposefully making fun of him for liking those things.
Now, I will assume that Chris is not a cocky person and he does not know why he gets so much prejudice from people simply because of the things he likes.
The important thing is that Chris should be proud of the fact that he is ahead of the game, simply because of the fact that he believes on himself. Regardless of the “negativity” of those around him, he has concluded not to fall into the regular human mistake…Prejudice…

Chris therefore should show the world that his beliefs can be real no matter if they are considered “real” of “fantastical”.

If we don’t believe in ourselves then how the heck are we supposed to be happy????

One of our major goals should be to find our “home”, then for the rest of our life, do everything possible to make sure our home does not become “what everyone tells you your home should be”…

In conclusion… Chris is being made fun of on the sign above… But if you pay attention, He is smiling.
Because he is happy. Because he believes on himself.

I will leave you with some sketches…



-Oro Continua

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