"It is a good thing you’re leaving" -"Anonymous"

Anna Wintour-Hello Mr. M.R.,
this is Anna Wintour from Vogue magazine.
I am contacting you to style Tavi Gevinson for next month’s issue of our magazine. Would you be interested?

Me-It would be a dream come true Mrs Wintour!….
Then I woke up….
But the dream was still there…
It was with me all day…
So I thought why not attempt to make it happen with a drawing?…

If I ever did have the chance to style Miss Tavi Gevinson,
I would do something around the concept of the picture below.

I found the picture below and used it as my guide.
Got inspired by princess Margarita from the painting of Las Meninas ,
and decided that painting would be my reference on how to style Miss Tavi.
So here is my attempt…



-Oro Continua


4 thoughts on “"It is a good thing you’re leaving" -"Anonymous"

  1. Amazing. And I am not just saying this because she is my icon. You made a grown-up Tavi (and drew a smidgen of yourself into it as well I think)!Don't give up on that dream.Ps. I just got your letter. Thank you! Will reply, but can I share your artwork on care's pantaloons?

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