Zarna a la Continua!

My bond with fashion allows me to feel unique emotions.
These necessary creative moments are priceless to the stability of my soul.
There is no way there isn’t a purpose for all these personal doodles.
I will work hard to make sure they become all that I want them to be.
Fact: “I am going to law school” sounds better to the world than” I am pursuing fashion.”
I will not sit here afraid. I will not let anyone around me fill me with fear. 
I am now fearless, filled with hope, and ready to face the new.

Recently I have been inspired by short hair… So I contacted fantastic blogger Zarna from ZARNA’S RUNWAY, and asked for permission to make an illustration for her…
 So I watched “The devil wears prada”, I drank some Godiva Raspberry Coffee, Listened to some new Adele music and began to Watercolor Ms. Zarna.

(Click on the images to zoom in!) 

I knew I would have her wear one of my sketches… 
What would I have Ms. Zarna wear?….
So I sketched…

I am sad it wasn’t a full shot of the outfit, but I really wanted it to be a portrait…. hopefully you get the idea…
Then I water colored…

Here is in color:
 Here is in black and white:
Thank you Zarna’s Runway for letting us make this illustration. Your blog is fantastic!

-Che Continua


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