This is how I find the words I never talk.

As I whistle “michelle” and “And I love her” by the Beatles (which are songs with lyrics that have nothing to do with my current mood) I imagine them being being played by wind chimes as the wind blows away all the dirt. I whistle while I try to make it to the other side of this never ending path. My cell phone falls out of my pocket, and I loose the ability to call anyone. The ending light starts fading as the darkness takes over my mind. I can see the wind chimes morphing into creatures playing pianos, violins and harps made of light. These individuals never stop playing, they are focused on what they do, If you take their music away, the die. I tried to talk to one of them, but its music sent me into another world. I am now stuck in this picture where rules are unimportant. Here, what right is only sometimes, and what’s wrong its up to you. All the creatures seem just like me, yet I’m the only one confused. What do I do now? Will I even make it to the end of this path?
-Oro Continua

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