Geometry in Fashion

The industrial revolution came with numerous bad and good consequences. For the fashion industry, although the standardisation of products instantly took the value away from “hand-made items”, It made the functionality of geometry in fashion more evident than ever.

Everyone who knows about the process of making clothing can tell you that it would be an impossible job without a basic understanding of  geometry. In the 18th century there were  already garment patterns that everyone knew of as fundamental designs. But it was not until the need to make thousands of the same item that people realized the need for perfect geometry in pattern making.

“Fashion is architecture. it is a matter of proportions.” -Coco Chanel

The functional geometry takes a turn in the 60’s, as it also becomes useful to create prints and psychedelic patterns as the material of choice for trendy clothes.


In our post-modern era, where a big portion of fashion is 100% in art form. We are able to use geometry to create different shapes for items we may consider “common”. It may be as simple-looking as exaggerating the triangular shape of a men’s shirt collar, or it can also be visual challenge, such as Viktor and Rolf creating circular cutouts from a tulle skirt.

“There is something to say about modernism… and the emphasis of structure… and concept…that we can recognize…” Viktor and Rolf…

There aren’t enough to describe how much I admire their work.

-Oro Continua


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