Come on! Give me a chance!!!!


I am not quite sure how to introduce this new piece. The first time I met this little dresser it was all brown and looked like it could fall apart any second. My friend told me she wanted to use this for an auction item. The best part is that she gave me the freedom to do anything I wanted, as long as it was clear it was meant to be for a girl’s room…..A job is a job, and I knew that I would add my own twist to this new “girly dresser assignment”.

I used old house paint that was all alone and hiding in our laundry room cabinet, and mixed several colors to get a good range of girly shades. The concept was born one day when I pondered on fairies and how they can make your dreams come true… I knew that I wanted this entire project to be a visual anthem to someone’s dreams coming true.

What I never imagined is the meaning that would grow in this piece as I worked on it.

Although there was such admiration and joy from the idea of fairies making dreams possible; the tremendous amount of work and time that it took to make this piece was unbelievable…. endless hours… body ache… and all types of frustrations…Crazy effort just to make the dreams of my vision for this dresser come true.

The whole concept slapped me in the face when I was finished.



“I don’t know why I’m scared
Cos I’ve been here before
Every feeling every word
I’ve imagined it all”  -Adele

-Oro Continua

One thought on “Come on! Give me a chance!!!!

  1. This is so refined and professional looking it is hard to believe it was hand painted. I certainly can tell you put a lot of time into. Let us know how the auction goes!

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