They won’t die. Trust me. I’ve done it.

The pillow is cold,

My head is all over the place,

And I know I should be asleep.


“It will make you feel better”.


A friend’s thought vibrates besides me,

It is  a shout from a young discouraged soul.

Nothing rare I guess…


I let sound take me away from reality.

I disable the “How do you feel about that?”

I try to think instead.

Give him a plan! Says my brain.

I hope I helped.


I am not sure if I believe,

Everything my hand writes.

But one thing I know…

The feeling of not being able to help,

Is plain ugly.

Drop a cherry on top.

That feeling is…

The exact way I feel about my life.


Does the “you’ll be ok” bring hope?


I guess it all goes back to making sure

you know where you come from.

-Oro Continua


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