I know who I design for.

I know.
It is.
The thing that will allow the sun,
To beam.
So take yourself outside.
See the dark,
See the light.
Go outside,
Feel the light,
Read the dark.

I know,
Consequences may seem dark.
My flight,
Deserve it more than I.
And yet,
I am,
The one living this life.
Where things,
I guess,
Aren’t really all that bad.
Give me light.
Give me dark.

And if,
I do,
If I,
Can get to do this now….
I know,
Then one day I will get to fight the dark.
In hopes,
To help,
That man
Inside a room.
Which has no chance to ever become him.
Writing about dark and light,
To sing,
Out loud.
And cry.
And shout!
And scream!
I've had enough!
I need some light..
The gloom inside my mind,
Can only be repaired by me.

I know
I should,
Be spending all my time,
Writing beautiful, inspiring, lines.
But  dark,
Is nothing,
Without a dot of  healthy shine.
Give me light.
Give them light.
Make it happen.
Let my drawings shout.
Let them soar,
Bring them life.
Give them light.
Give me light.
Give me light.
Let me see the light.
Bring everyone light…
Show us we do have a light.


-Oro Continua


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