Starving underwater

I have not had much time to create any fashion art/ sketches lately. I think I am at the point of creative starvation.

I have been listening to some of Born this way’s tracks, and have been loving the darkness of the beats and the “nail and hammer” sound of the entire album.

Cannot wait until May 23rd to get it! It will be my choice of music for exercising.


I personally was not all that impressed by the Judas music video aesthetics. I thought it was not unexpected enough. The only part I liked was when Gaga was being drowned by the ocean…. I thought there were various still shots in that short part of the video.

Recently, I heard some rumors that the Edge of Glory music video was going to involve an underwater theme… I hope those rumors are true, because that sounds like a great idea…

So, as I still dream of one day being part of a creative project like such; here is my still of how I would style Gaga  for part of the Edge of Glory video….



And as always, here is some poetry that inspired the image:

Isn’t it enough that you’re taking my life?

That I’m having to “give up”, and that you’ve made my mom cry…

I won’t settle, I won’t cry, even though it’s a goodbye.

Cause reality is with me and I’m gonna be just fine.

You say time has run out. Make my dreams fall down.

Yes it’s clear that it is money that controls your mind.

Let me burst your bubble, full of solid lies,

Well, your promises of freedom will one day turn into drought.

But I have some news for you, Yes, my tiempo has begun.

Let me show you how I’ll make it. And forget about your shuns.

I will use all my desire, to light up truth in my life.

Make injustice not accepted and light up all of your crime.



I guess life is a struggle, that we all have to survive,

But I’m rooting for my people, who just want to settle down.

I’m not sayin’ we’re all perfect and that everyone’s a saint,

Cause’ I know that there are hundreds who are rotting down in flames.

What I’m stating is that life is a gift made by God’s hands,

And behavior filled with evil is killing us by the pound.

If surviving means to strip down from everything that I have.

I’ll be happy to follow through, cause this isn’t my first time.

Yes I’m angry but not mad, cause I haven’t lost my mind.

I’m just working really hard to make their tears worth the strain.

Hi finality of struggle! Hi beginning of your end!

It is time to let the world see the fakeness behind of your grin.

-Oro Continua


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