“I walked down a new street today… With the fear towards the feeling of new”


The words “Eternity” and “Continuity”

The quote “It’s not how you leave, it’s how you land”   – Gary Go.

And… water…


Not something to copycat, but in fact a gift. For what good is it to have the chance to speak to millions, when what those millions know and look up to is somebody else’s creation, and not someone’s true persona.

From that phrase we can instantly jump to the idea of influence. Where is the line between being open to influence and also to be grounded to one’s truth?

I, as many others, appreciate the legacy many artists have left from the past. I don’t think I will ever be able to say that my art and m work will never be influence by other people and their work.

So If my art is influenced by artists and their work, by people and their personalities; and if I choose to believe with all my heart that God Almighty is the creator of everything in the world, then, All I have left to do with the gifts he has given me is to honor what inspires me.

Therefore what inspires me is His creations. For he is the one responsible I have ever admired, currently admire and will one day admire.

And as a human and a self-called child of God, I know I am responsible for what I choose to say through my homage of God’s creation… Which is also God himself.

He is everything.

-Oro Continua


2 thoughts on ““I walked down a new street today… With the fear towards the feeling of new”

  1. Once again, you make us think. Really think. I love the philosophy that is going on with you. God is using you, working through you and holding you close.


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