Yes. I have been watching the Kardashians.

This is my last full week to be able to do nothing. And although right now it feels slightly dreadful (not for the fact that I will miss it), I know that I should look at it as a blessing and look forward for what is to come in this new year as a fashion design student.

So… I have 5 small bottles of acrylic paint that I bought to make art work for my living room, which I have yet to share here. Anyways, I decided I would play with the paint and see what came about. I have been in this tribal/bollywood/native-colombian/”I wear flowers as sunglasses” kind of mood. So I painted without a concept and just let me and the brush do whatever… Hahaha Oh what a mess…

This is the result of too much free time, and no guidelines to one of my art pieces. The painting ended up looking completely tacky and over-worked. But I am still sharing it because it did take a long time, and I like that It translates how bored I get when I am not busy all the time.

This painting reminds me of my early work as an artist… Very odd looking and had that feeling of concept inside a safe without a key. 

Anyways. Hope you got a good laugh at it, and hope it showed you that inside my mind is a very scary place full of odd looking models wearing too much of everything. 

Thank God I learned how to fileter my love for fashion…. If not…. Who knows what would have been of me!

-Oro Continua


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