Adele’s VMA’s 2011 sketch

What would I have the beautiful Adele wear for the VMA’s this year…?… hmm….Well…

1. I don’t want to take away the color black. She’s British… Brittish people are the best to pull of black.

2. I want a jewel tone…

3. I want drama.

4. The dress must have a wonderful neckline.

5. Must be a gown… But I’m also all bout showing the legs…



Just in case this post itself doesn’t already say this… Just want to clarify that it would be my dream come true if she actually wore this to the VMA awards this year…

There’s nothing wrong with having a dream right?

Rolling in the deep (Hannes Fischer Remix)

-Oro continua



3 thoughts on “Adele’s VMA’s 2011 sketch

  1. You are really talented! Although Adele’s dress she wore to the VMA’s was nice, yours was so much better, such a standout (and her hair looked nicer in your drawing than it did at the show!), as is the other star drawing you have for the VMA’s. Hope you are sending these to the stars’ “people” well before the events, I bet there is a good chance they have or will choose designs by you in the future. Best of luck!

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