Sometimes I do things to cheer myself up. Like light up a citrus candle.

This is an acrylic painting I finished about three months ago. Once could say it was for commission. (Size 40in X 32in)

Some close ups:

Then I ran it through Photoshop to make it more “flawless”… I like how it turned out… Just to play around…___________________________________

Forgive me if I sound overly “chipper”…

It’s been a rough few months…

But I’ll be ok.

I like to keep those positive poems I write in my mind.

They give me good energy, even if just for a little bit of time.

I also haven’t had my camera and that is why

I have not posted any of the non-sense stuff  that I usually make.

But no fear. Even tho I’ve been “feelin’ blue”,

I’m keeping the coffee and the music going.

I will have to get my camera back this week, so I can post about this tiny paper dress I made… Until then… I’ll leave you with a quote:

“Life is too short to be uptight”-Oro Continua

-Oro Continua


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