Julia and Sarah don’t get along. They are both too fierce to be together.

The place where I buy my needles and thread gives you these little “gift bags” with your purchase in them. the paper is really bad quality, but the design to me is really wonderful! I mean, florals for spring is so overrated but why not gifts! This paper dress really makes me look at the idea of “gifts as a print” as something kinda fun…

Hope you enjoy…

Dace around with your new mannequin,
Go get yourself a drink.
Yes! Go and sing those lyrics you love!
Do the things you enjoy.
Do good! Do good!
Take yourself outside.
Give it all you’ve got.
Pose in front of the mirror,
Live the good times inside,
Do laugh, Do cry,
It’s a matter of time.
Let that good thing around,
Come inside,
You mind, Your heart.
That soul, can’t die.
Don’t forget! Always Smile!
Always know, you’re blessed.
It’s true! Love’s true!
True love… The kind…
That makes me realize,
Life’s good!
It’s been one crazy blast.
Oh my!
It’s true this week I cried,
But also made a pact with God,
To never let nobody take,
The gift of joy that He has made,
Away! No way!
One way! His way!
I’m here to do one thing,
Enjoy life’s every single day!

-Oro Continua


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