Sometimes I do tune out lyrics.

Finally! Another fashion design! Oh dear, the thing is that when I designed this, I was definitely listening to one of those “guilty pleasure songs”…. Up out my face by Mariah Carey and ft. Nicki Minaj.

I know! I know! intense stuff… Laugh out loud.

But I guess listening to Mariah is better that than feeling down. Anything that ‘ll make me want to dance is welcomed in my iPod. I know that was the only thing that would make my mom smile after a hard day of work; when I would turn on some happy music on and dance with her until she had laughed enough that I knew it would end up as a permanent smile (even if only with the eyes).


The design is quite elegant in my opinion. Definitely contemporary, but I think it has potential to be great. Love the color combo so much! It has been one of my favorite color combinations for like 10 yrs… I recall saying that I wanted to paint my room these exact same colors, including the hints of silver.

Hope you all enjoy:

-Oro Continua

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