No human can make imagination. Only God can.

And there was darkness, and there was light… In the depth.
Amongst the movement.
And though it seemed still at times,  It never stopped.
The slightest movement was too delicate to be noticed,
By the common human eye.


And there was glow, and there were sparks… Inside the water.
As if the fire of their being lived forever.
 Because they were magic being projected,
Thought life’s most important liquid.
 Surpassing every idea we have,
Of what it is to see the world in high-definition.


And there was joy, and there were tears… The strangest feeling .
That time of silence, where waves of power,
Can leave one wondering how to feel.
Begging us not to be seen
As a world that is nothing but a picture.


And there was life.
Unlike little plastic dolls inside a globe,
Being forced to smile when in contact with adults from the 21st century.
Wishing that everyone was like children.
Because regardless of the light and dark,
They never underestimate a spark.

– “Even in the darkness, light dawns  for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.” Psalm 112:4 – 

-Oro Continua


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