Happy New Year!

Happy New Years to all you readers of Oro Continua!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to keep up with it.

Even when School doesn’t allow me to do it as often as I would like.



To all of you,

In school, work, relationships,… or anything in life!

Emancipator- First Snow < Lyrics>

Everything that’s alive grows from a tiny seed. 
You know the little tomato seeds you and Nancy planted in your garden, 
and how they grew into nice, red tomatoes?
look Dad

Well like this.


Remember how I told you the hen lays an egg?

When the baby grows up to be an old man, and dies,
they bury his body in the ground. 
But his soul goes to heaven.

Now look here

Awe i’m bundled,
I got on like two jackets on,
two pair of pants,
about three socks,
a hat,
I need a mask too, ’cause it’s cold.
Real cold.

-Oro Continua


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