Do you have the courage to live in the future?

The other night while was cleaning up and listening to music, This image of Aliens dancing on a warm field came to mind. I knew I had to paint them, or they would never come back. I did not question my urge to do so. Nope… Did not question it one bit.

So here you have an image straight from the most random corner of my mind:


Oh yes people! We live in the future! This is a discovery I seem to come a cross over and over again, and yes, I meant to write discovery, because it is something I tend to forget; and every time I am reminded of it, I get the same feeling I had the first time I thought about it, as f I just peeled another layer off the entire concept, and every new layer is always just as amusing as the last one.

It usually happens when I am by myself… wait… that’s almost always. I guess it does happen a lot… Which is sort of weird to think of… you know? Me and myself, consecutively discovering that I am presently living in the future… hmm, yes, it is quite overwhelming.

Sometimes it is the small things, like trying to wrap my mind into using a plastic rectangle to pay for things, specifically wondering how the whole process happens, even when I am on the other side of planet earth.

Other times it is things that are more complex and a bit embarrassing to my human-being capability of being intelligent… Just like when I buy spray stuff to put on the cake mold so things don’t stick when baking. But you might ask, how is that discovering that you live in the future?

<insert my marketing professor’s amusement “ahhh” here (with a Latin American accent) >

I realize that everyone and their grandmother uses non-stick spray when baking, but I ask, does anyone have a clue what is in that stuff???? For all we know it could have the cause to some disease or something harmful to our bodies… But no one asks because we put our trust into people we don’t know… which may I say, is something we don’t do on a daily basis. Isn’t “Don’t trust strangers” one of the many lessons that first stick to you as a child?? 50 years ago, no one would have trusted a stranger to feed them anything related with non-stick substance from a spray can. Maybe this says I have trust issues… But I think this is just part of the living in the future. In the future <a.k.a. now> trust is one of the scariest things.

What do you guys think?

Do I have trust issues? or perhaps I am just 21 yrs old, and am just now discovering about how your life can actually be affected if you put your trust in the wrong people.

I guess I could go in a circle when writing about trust… or in a sphere, as my art professor used to say.

I do mean it though. As I have gotten older ( since I have had wwaaayy too many experiences with how crappy the idea of a government can be) I have lost 100% of trust in anyone running an office that’s supposed to make the best decisions for a country. I know I am no politico to start this whole rant. But I just bring this idea into the picture, because I think I still have that trust I used to have for presidents and leaders, towards many other things. Like the company who makes the non-stick spray!

I don’t know that I really like the idea of leaving my trust into all these people. No I don’t care about their degrees in lab-chemist-food whatever it is they are. I am trying to get a degree myself right now and I am learning nothing. I’m just part of a 4 year monthly payment plan to get a diploma to be taken seriously by the world. So people can have the same trust in my abilities, as they have with the people who make the non-stick spray; who have convinced everyone that eating non-stick spray out of a metal can is fine. Really!!! Isn’t having no one question your product, anyone’s dream come true?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Non-stick spray! I used it yesterday! I just use that example because it is what came to mind first. I could go on and on about many other products that I also love and use.

Regardless of my bittersweet relationship with non-stick spray and how it makes me feel, I find that what is so amazing about my chronic journey with discovering that I am in the future, is staring at this futuristic concept, and trying to figure out the many branches that make it be what it is. Just like picking up non-stick spray at the grocery store has brought me to the idea of trust. But most certainly how all of these daily discoveries can teach me about why I am the way I am.

I live in the future. I am a fashion lover. One who sometimes hates to love fashion. I am addicted to several products. By that I mean, things I consider vital for my daily life… Neither of them including food or water. I get cranky when I haven’t had enough caffeine. I am forever thankful with God, for I believe art is the most generous gift He could have ever given us. I believe in God and faith. But He and I also know my actions do not always show it. I guess I just don’t have enough courage to always do what I know is right. Which reminds me of many conversations I had in college with my friend Mike… When we used to ponder on the idea that if we stopped going to school, then we could use that money to feed the poor. Here my friends, is where I am always left speechless.

Perhaps the reason for me to stumble over the modern technology of non-stick spray from a can was necessary, just so I could ask myself…

Where is my trust?


This is the Future!

Welcome to the future!

It’s a beautiful yet scary place to live!


-Oro Continua


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