MarioVlogs -August 2012

The other day I decided to start recording my life every month.

Filled with Enthusiasm, I began my journey as a vlogger; and although I stumbled with the reality of how tedious the job is, I also knew that I was going to enjoy the experience. So I went with the flow.

With a little bit of practice, a little bit of luck and a little bit of patience, I think I am now somewhat getting it down. Hopefully there will be positive feedback, and this can be something to post on the blog, at the end/beginning of another month.

So here is where this new project begins… Here is my life during the month of August … All squeezed into a 4 minute extravaganza.


-Oro Continua


3 thoughts on “MarioVlogs -August 2012

    • Gracias Doris! Eres una luz con tus comentarios! Disculpa que no logro darte tanto feedback en tu blog! Hoy es viernes y despues de tomar un parcial de Comercializacion, prometo visitar tu sitio y catch up on what’s new! 🙂

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