-“Are you sure about that?…” -“No, but I hope for the Best…. I have to…”

“If you love McQueen, that most likely means that everyone around you does not appreciate the unseen”

Once I made a sculpture

Then I was forced to take away it’s life…

What no one expected, is that it would live forever…

-Oro Continua


“Once you step into this arena, there is no way back. It’s like a particle, you can’t stop” -Alexander McQueen

Feeling comfortable is great,
I have to admit though,
I’m not always comfortable.
It is a choice though…
We choose to get ahead.
As I wrestle with my thoughts,
The music in the background bothers me.
I breathe and tolerate.
The warmth helps me focus.
Thankful for keeping record of past memories.
I let it happen,
the doodles finally make sense.
A better attitude comes along.
A lie on it’s way to the truth.
I bathe in imaginary tall individuals.
For the first time it was not for myself,
This time I truly wanted to help.
I jump back into reality,
But this time…
I make the choice to feel free.
A tablespoon of red sun…
So I sketched…

-Oro Continua

In the precise moment in which everything changed for me… In that instant, I assure you that I gave you a signal…

Sculpture inspired by Alexander McQueen.
Title: “McQueen’s Angel”
Dimensions: 7 feet tall
Material: Body made out of newspaper and Paper Towels, Head made of Cardboard.

Looking at the crater made me analyze our self-consciousness.


Waves in the air began to pull me through their magnetic existence.


These transparent materials instantly transfer into passionate songs.


Meditation guiding me towards my consumed self.



There is a defined contrast between those who try and those who don’t.

The truth is that only a few people truly understand these feelings.

Perhaps we should start paying attention to the little things.

There is motion around us.

You may be the only human, but you are not alone.

She said: ” Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?! “

He replied: ” I guess so… “

I guess it was too much poison for a man to survive.
-Oro Continua

He was stuck…

I have to admit that his way of thinking is slightly disturbing, but these interviews can help us understand so much more about him…
“Once you step into this arena, there is no way back. It’s like a particle, you can’t stop”
-Alexander McQueen


-Oro Continua