Designing for some of my fave Youtubers


I have recently been fascinated by Youtubers.

I am currently subscribed to so many channels that I thoroughly enjoy watching.  It is fantastic how technology allows us to be a part of each other lives. Our world is filled with talented individuals, and YouTube has done a great job at making it accessible for us to enjoy and learn from videos made by people who willingly share their lives and their work with us.
The most wonderful part about this group of illustrations is how much one can learn by simply embracing other people’s style. It is so easy to get stuck in “what’s safe” or what’s popular in society. That is why this challenge of designing for individual’s who’s fashion has already gotten a strong style, was absolutely inspiring. It was a great learning experience to create  looks that were true to my style, but also kept the core of what makes these YouTube stars so magnificent.

I hope you enjoy the illustrations, I will leave a tag under each sketch with the YouTube channel corresponding to each person. Make sure to go and check them out! These guys are pros at what they do.






-Oro Continua


Sassy Sassy Sassy

In case you don’t know Bunny yet, I urge you to check her channel on YouTube (Grav3yardgirl) . WARNING: There are tons of Jeffrey Campbell’s, perfectly messy hair do’s, awesome fashion, porcelain makeup…. In other words… It’s addictive!

With that in mind, here is a quick sketch of Bunny. Enjoy!


-Oro Continua

Let’s go to Pinar del Rio

1974, Celia shining bright in Zaire Africa.
As she sang and danced so effortlessly,
and performed her tunes in her unique organic way;
She was herself. No doubts or fears.
Just like her rainbow sequined leopard gown.
Or the multicolored layers of ruffles following her flow.
That sky blue winged shadow line said it all!
She was ready to show they world what she was made of!
And she knew this was her chance.
It was the perfect mixture…
Delicate Hope and Fire red Passion.
Azúcar Celia!

5 min celia made of eyeshadows and acrylic.

One day it shall be more than a 4’x4′ painting…

One day… Let’s hope it will be the birth of a collection.




Take a look at Hope – Editorial for Dmag Argentina

I have some exciting news! Recently we had the honor to work on an editorial featuring all designs, accessories and head pieces made by me. We had a blast working as a team making it all happen and will for sure have to keep doing projects together in the future. 

This set of romantic photos are the leftover sprinkles of those words Ms. Del Rey sings out so passionately; “Summertime sadness”.
The elegant hope being showcased even in the darkest of places. Like a Caravaggio Portrait with dim lights and a defined individual shining in the dark.
Hope is beautiful, and when it shines, it can light up a room and be the center of attention.

We had a fantastic time shooting with Jose Moreno Miguel. His aesthetic and his dramatic use of lighting were the perfect combination for my designs, it made the entire concept elegant and modern. Specially having Cande Moran as our gorgeous model, with her very 90’s Vanessa Paradis look. And finally so thankful we had fantastic shoes from Pilo Shoes to be the cherry on top for the styling we had in mind.

You can check out the entire editorial at:

But first, I leave you with the backstage video.
As always, hope you enjoy!

-Oro Continua