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It’s one of those moments when I have too much to say.

My only wish is that everything posted below says exactly what I cannot write at the moment.


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If only it were that simple



Here you have my submission to the Adidas Eyewear Contest for the Santiago Sunnies below.

I approached this challenge by designing “my dream sunnies for this summer”.

The pattern design was taken out of a collage I made about a year ago where I combined stops of paper to create a multi-dimensional field.

you can check out the collage on the link below:



-Oro Continua


May the world learn from you.


A new day stretches the concept of hard work,
The water keeps leaking from the back of the toilet.
That little container of miscellaneous objects gets more and more complex.
Dreams are being made, and life goes by…
 And I still don’t understand many whys.
The new windows that life can bring, sure can be refreshing,
But I hope they feel that way because of what they convey.
You are here, because of the effort of all those who believe in you. Give praise dear.
It’s ok to work hard as long as you never forget what your mentor once told you,
“May your aim always be true”.

-Oro Continua

10 Designs – 1 vision

Lots  and lots of pictures for this post!
Feels like it has been 100 years since my last post.

This mini collection was inspired by the whole “circles = endless lines = eternity” that you guys have seen me write about in the last few posts. The many things that are made up of circles is something really overwhelming to think about, so I am not going to go there. As cheesy as it may sound, I am going to let the designs speak for themselves.

It has been quite the ride taking 21 hours this semester and trying to feel inspired and wrestle with the sad reality of what the fashion world is like. The good news is that I am surviving and getting throughout it. As Gladys from the Ellen show would say “Just keep on keeping on” haha.
Oro Advice is to play this while you look at the designs.


-Oro Continua