Please don’t let me go. I desperately need you.


We are studying visual artist Rogelio Polesello in class.
Such research has caused me to currently be amused by the shape of a circle.
The eternity of the line itself that makes the circle,
And the depth of endless possibilities inside this eternal shape.
All of this in parallel with the ability an artist has to create a moment.
Sometimes a moment that although not “eternal”,
Comes as close as we can get to being able to “create” something eternal,
Taking my time to think about all of this is important to my visual brain,
Because it at least makes me think that I might grasp a bit better the idea of eternity.
Specially when I think of clothing, or recipes, or music;
Things that were already there. Created by God. Discovered by someone.
Most importantly, things that now are an important part of life.
All of them appearing as if they have existed forever
Specially to people like me. Born in an era where there was already a norm.
And yes…I know this might be a vain way to attempt to understand eternity.
But to me, it helps as a reminder that God is the beginning and the end.
If I get overwhelmed by the idea of an item having existed for so long in history.
then I have nothing left but to be in awe at the fact that God has always been.
God is everywhere. We don’t create anything.
May I always give the Glory to Him.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”- Revelation 22:13

-Oro Continua


This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

Collage inspired by rice harvests in Bali, Indonesia.
Collage inspired by the word FAITH

First Rough Sketch of the garment

Dress Finished.
-Doble sided Silver and Gold sequins 
-Matte Beige mini-sequins
-Extreme-gold miniature sequins on lycra
-Light Tan Micro-tulle
-Gold Vinyl 
-Silver Miniature Sequins on white micro-tulle
-Gold Miniature Sequins on white micro-tulle
-White Gold Vinyl
-Gold Fishnet

Micro-tulle sheer pants were added due to class regulations.

Model: Lula Gallo
Makeup: Mario Rodriguez
Hair: Mario Rodriguez

-Oro Continua

Drew Tabor’s Superbass Cover is now on Itunes!!!!

Drew’s fantastic Cover of Superbass by Nicki Minaj is now on Itunes, and I am happy to say I bought it and have played it quite a few times on my Ipod.

I am so proud that our artwork gets to be the cover for her single on Itunes!!!

Please go check it out and buy it!!!! It is only $0.99 and it is definitely worth it!!!!!!

Itunes shot in spanish LOL:

To make it easier for everyone reading this post, here is the link to the Itunes site where you can buy it:

iTunes – Music – Super Bass – Single by Drew Tabor


Agh! Can’t believe I won!!!!!!

I am so honored and grateful for the win!Also, super excited to see the cover on Itunes!!!!! Thanks to Drew for holding the contest, and for taking  the time to always make such amazing videos!…

I will keep everyone updated to when you’ll be able to buy Drew’s amazing cover on Itunes!

Check out Drew Tabor’s shout-out video to OroContinua!!!!!!

I will leave you with a personal quote:

“If you feel like you can make your fashion change the world, then… GO CHANGE THE WORLD! Do not give up and let your shoes, jacket or your hat be positive and legendary”