Understand me now


he had it all.
And he had nothing.
He had seen the sun,
but without any sunscreen.
He was, He is,
son of the one above.
Walking on his own,
though not really alone.
No home.
No fun.
Beyond suppressed,
with tears and stress.
It’s a messy mess.
Aching of the brain!
From the past,
What past?
Not mine!
Only been alive,
one hour.
Don’t go there!
The past’s over!
And I’m moving,
yeah I’m moving on Forward.
Course! Moving though the fog’s not over.
Cause now don’t have to be forever.
Chin up even when life’s bipolar.
In hopes that…
Yeah, well.
In hopes that I am going somewhere.


he dreamed it all.
And it hadn’t happened.
Woke up, right here,
not knowing fake or real.
Am I really here?
Doing what I love?
Surrounded by hope.
Overwhelmed with thoughts.
by darts.
Floating en el mar.
Diving scary sharks.
With love ones real far
Don’t tear it apart!
What part?
I am not a part.
Only was a part,
for a little while.
Don’t Ask
If I’m going home
For the holidays.
I ain’t got a casa
No sabes lo que pasa,
cuando el tiempo pasa.
Viene y arrasa!
Con lo que amas Si!
Those you wish you had close,
You go home…
Imma stay here try’n to make it happen.


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Authenticity is rare

Not much to explain for this post.

The following are fabric samples made by me.

Enjoy!-Oro Continua