Today’s special is Blonde Salad a la Oro Continua

How about a good snack to kick off the week?
In this case a healthy one…

That’s right! A Little blonde salad!

I have memories of my early college days, having breakfast overlooking the mountains of Georgia, and enjoying Chiara Ferragni’s addictive blog.

Loving her clothes and SHOES. Reading all about her fashionable adventures and wishing I were her best friend haha! Who wouldn’t want to be Chiara’s BFF? LOL

So without much thought, I figured it was about time I created an illustration for Chiara. Though, the illustration needed a purpose… How about, creating a new header for her famous blog?

The Blonde Salad has had the same image as the header for quite some time now, so I decided to take care of such situation and design a new header image for the website. I guess at the end of the day, she might never read this post, or might dislike the image I created. Nonetheless, I try to keep all my dreams alive these days. I am going to wish upon a star and see if I can make this happen. Fingers crossed

Chiara, if you are reading this, it would be my honor for you to use the illustration below, as the header for your blog. It would make my (day week month) YEAR.

Hope you all enjoy!


In case (you live under a rock) you are new to The Blonde Salad, you can check out the website here:

-Oro Continua


Designing for some of my fave Youtubers


I have recently been fascinated by Youtubers.

I am currently subscribed to so many channels that I thoroughly enjoy watching.  It is fantastic how technology allows us to be a part of each other lives. Our world is filled with talented individuals, and YouTube has done a great job at making it accessible for us to enjoy and learn from videos made by people who willingly share their lives and their work with us.
The most wonderful part about this group of illustrations is how much one can learn by simply embracing other people’s style. It is so easy to get stuck in “what’s safe” or what’s popular in society. That is why this challenge of designing for individual’s who’s fashion has already gotten a strong style, was absolutely inspiring. It was a great learning experience to create  looks that were true to my style, but also kept the core of what makes these YouTube stars so magnificent.

I hope you enjoy the illustrations, I will leave a tag under each sketch with the YouTube channel corresponding to each person. Make sure to go and check them out! These guys are pros at what they do.






-Oro Continua

Let’s go to Pinar del Rio

1974, Celia shining bright in Zaire Africa.
As she sang and danced so effortlessly,
and performed her tunes in her unique organic way;
She was herself. No doubts or fears.
Just like her rainbow sequined leopard gown.
Or the multicolored layers of ruffles following her flow.
That sky blue winged shadow line said it all!
She was ready to show they world what she was made of!
And she knew this was her chance.
It was the perfect mixture…
Delicate Hope and Fire red Passion.
Azúcar Celia!

5 min celia made of eyeshadows and acrylic.

One day it shall be more than a 4’x4′ painting…

One day… Let’s hope it will be the birth of a collection.




The Internet. Home for the Homeless




It’s one of those moments when I have too much to say.

My only wish is that everything posted below says exactly what I cannot write at the moment.


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