“I walked down a new street today… With the fear towards the feeling of new”


The words “Eternity” and “Continuity”

The quote “It’s not how you leave, it’s how you land”   – Gary Go.

And… water…


Not something to copycat, but in fact a gift. For what good is it to have the chance to speak to millions, when what those millions know and look up to is somebody else’s creation, and not someone’s true persona.

From that phrase we can instantly jump to the idea of influence. Where is the line between being open to influence and also to be grounded to one’s truth?

I, as many others, appreciate the legacy many artists have left from the past. I don’t think I will ever be able to say that my art and m work will never be influence by other people and their work.

So If my art is influenced by artists and their work, by people and their personalities; and if I choose to believe with all my heart that God Almighty is the creator of everything in the world, then, All I have left to do with the gifts he has given me is to honor what inspires me.

Therefore what inspires me is His creations. For he is the one responsible I have ever admired, currently admire and will one day admire.

And as a human and a self-called child of God, I know I am responsible for what I choose to say through my homage of God’s creation… Which is also God himself.

He is everything.

-Oro Continua


Enjoy your ways.

Sonnet to the windblown soul.

How could I say I am not going to miss this multi-dimensional painting? All those marvelous images no human can ever attempt to create. In the hall, all the spontaneous moments, the joyful times, the laughs, the frustration, the sad days, and every serious talk I was blessed to experience. So many memories… Getting to know new personalities. And even times like the day I sat on that old sofa, closed my eyes, and tried my best to not fall apart. I may not know where I’m going, but that loses importance when I allow myself to be thankful that I keep on learning about life through God’s grace.
Meanwhile, as He teaches me new things everyday, I ask that every lesson will stay as fresh as if I’d learned it today. And every time I feel afraid, I will pray for guidance. So that God will help me to always conquer the fear, and remind me that every lesson he has allowed to happen will be with me for the rest of my life. Life is tough. The ways through which we truly learn are harsh. But we should be the happiest when God shakes us a little bit to wake us up from the nightmares in the world. He cares for us, and does everything possible to make us be in the right path. We must listen to Him.
I thank God for everyone I met, and every friend He allowed me to meet. I would be lying if I said I fully know every one of them, for I barely even know myself. Therefore, I will do the same as I do with myself…pray.  I pray that God will be with them, and that He will grant all of them with the strength only He can provide; the kind of strength that nothing can destroy. For I know that every time I have been close to letting go of Him, without Him picking me back up, I would not have made it through.
I pray to never forget sitting here, in front of this ellipse, watching the mountains peak from the windows on my left, and seeing all my peers come out of the class I failed. For all of this has taught me to be thankful of the good, the bad, and the ugly. So even though I have no idea where to go, and I am clueless of what to do next, I know is that God’s blessings around me will always be there, even when my eyes decide to blur them out.
Thank you for one more intense lesson…
No matter how unbearable my ride gets, I will not fear. I am now able to look around and let every single spark of color God has allowed in my life surpass all my worries and concerns. Into the deep I go… floating and moving by faith alone.

The same way the mountains are both soft and strong… There is always another side of the story when it comes to what you know of someone’s life.

So I sketched…

-Oro Continua

Rocio Durcal Inspired….

I Remain Loving You

I wish you happiness,
Wherever you are, love.
I don’t care that you will never return to me.
I wish, my love, for you to know that I love you.
That I haven’t forgotten you; and will never be able to.
I miss you.
I wish you happiness, and for you to find love, my dear.
I hope that no one every tells you “goodbye”, my love.

Forgive me, my love,
For all the time I loved you, I caused you pain.
I loved you too much, and that was my mistake,
Now without you, in solitude, I am suffering.
I wish you much happiness, much happiness,
While I remain loving you.
I wish my love, for you to also know,
That I love you
That I haven’t forgotten you; and I will never be able to.
I miss you
Forgive me, my love
For all the time I loved you, I caused you pain.
I loved you too much, and that was my mistake,
Now without you, in solitude, I am suffering.
I wish you much happiness, much happiness
While I remain loving you.

So I sketched… (click on the images to make them larger)

-Che Continua

It all sounds like jargon….

I have looked at some of the most beautiful sunsets lately…. So I’ve had time to once again feel so different…. so I closed my eyes and leave to my city…. I imagined a gorgeous multicolor dress… It was made of stained glass pieces… The fabric created water-like rosettes and looked like liquid….so I sketched a pattern and did my best to do justice to the ideas in my mind…

Style and assistance,
Confession is space,
Assignments processing,
They talk about grace.

Completing the research,
Announcing the dust,
Imagining cognates,
They call it the truth.

Still walking with glasses
It sure makes me stand
There aren’t many passes
Yet the song they bend.

I get Universal,
exposing myself,
You put it together,
Then I seem to melt.

-Oro Continua